Revenge of the proletariat - computerspeak re-written in European


The language of C++, which by Bjarne Stroustrup in AT& is developed; ; T extended in the maggots it in the middle of of the years eighty, C in s' adding l' compared with: to put tandis qu' she preserves l' effectiveness of programma' s of C. he is of the more important languages for l' are; education and industrial programming. Large sharing a lot of operational systems, such as Microsoft Corporation ' ; Windows 98 of s, were written in C++.

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 They have for the king of l' appointed; Ada d' Augusta, condesa van Lovelace were, which an employee to l' English inventor causes of the century XIX, and one calls Babbage sometimes to l' Ada the first computer expert. They have to l' developed; Ada, the language, at the beginning of of 80 for the department of defence of the USAS for the programming in large. They have l' united; right annotation to PASCAL with the capacity d' achievements and data in the independent modules wrap up. To be first manner, Ada 83, n' not complete to l' was oriented; subject, but l' Later Ada 95 have provided objects and the capacity for hierarchies of d' to build; they. Tandis qu' he does not become by mandate for l' assigned; use in the work for the department of defence, l' Ada are still an efficient language for large programma' s of l' engineering.


 At the beginning of of 90, Java Sun Microsystems, inc were devised., as a programmeertaal for World Wide web (WWW). Even s' he had been seemed on C++ in aspect, she became entirely to l' oriented; subject. In particular Java with the characteristics has exempted a capacity which nor desirably nor usefully in programma' from lower level, including the capacity to use Executive Boards of data; s for the divided systems is. For portable to be, become programma' s of Java by specifically of the virtual machine of Java to each platform of l' translated; computer, which implements the programme of Java then. Moreover d' interactive capacities to l' to add; Internet by the web „applet, Java was largely used to program the small and portable appliances, as mobile tel.

Visual Basic

 Visual Basic by Microsoft being developed adding objects the capacities of BASIC by and programming event-driven to extend: buttons, menu' s, and other elements of the graphic user interfaces (mistletoe). Visual Basic are possible also at l' be used; other software of Microsoft to program a small rut.


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