Revenge of the proletariat - computerspeak re-written in European


 COBOL (the common affairs the arranged language), is heavy - used by the enterprises since its beginning in the year 1959. A committee of the computers manufacturers and the users and the V.S. government organizations are set up CODASYL (committee for the systems and the languages of the data), in order on the linguistic standard and the monitoring to develop hold, in order to ensure its portabiliteit regarding the different systems.

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 COBOL uses a similar note, that again, if geïntroduceerds were. The societies organize the computations and handle the large quantities the data, and COBOL introduced the structure of the report data for similar tasks. A report groups itself the heterogeneous data as a name, the number of d' map; Identity, age and of l' Address in one unit alone. This confirms with the scientific languages in view of it, in which the uniform feuilletons of the numbers are common. The reports are given an important "example chunking" in only one article, and they appear in nearly all moderne languages.


 SQL (the structured question language), is a language, around l' to spezifieren; Organization of the files (search for the reports). The data bases with SQL to be organized, are relationally called, because SQL supplies the capacity, around a file for l' to require; Information, which falls into a certain relationship. For example a question discovery „all reports with both last_name Smith and the city New York its skillfully. 'Handelsgegevensbestandprogramma' ; to use s a similar language for their questions generally.


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