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Algorithmic languages

The algorithmic languages are certain, in order to express the mathematical or symbolic computations. They can express a functioning algebrici in quotation, which is similar to mathematics, and l' permit; ; j' uses itself qu' sottoprogrammi; impaccano for riutilizzazione generally used functioning. Erano the first languages on high level.


 The first algorithmic language important FORTRAN age (formula translation) planned in the year 1957 d' a d' team; IBM importantly of John Backus. It is for the scientific computations with the real numbers and the d' collections heard; they organized multidimensional vote as or. The relative structures of I control included conditioned SI explanations, repetitive cycles (apparent FACE the cycles) and a d' explanation; PROGRESS, the l' permitted; ; sequenziale execution not the program code. The FORTRAN it l' avantagieux made to have sottoprogrammi for common mathematical functioning and it built the libraries.

 In addition the FORTRAN was determined convert over into effective operating language. It was immediately successful and develops themselves further.



 L' ; ALGOL (algorithmic language), is d' planned; a committee of the informed of American and European us during 1958-60 for the publication procedures as, in order to make the computations. As lisp (sezione described) in the following, l' ; ALGOL had sottoprogramma procédures ricorsive, those could invocarsi, in order to solve a problem, by reducing it to a smaller problem of the same kind. L' ; ALGOL introduced the structure at blocks, in which a program consists of blocks, which, i.e. the data could contain that the instructions and the same structure have as program-whole. The structure at s' blocks; into in team one converts powerfully for develops large programs of the small components.

 L' ; ALGOL contributed a quotation for the description of the d' structure; a programming language forms from backus-Naur, in a certain s' change; in nell' one converts; ; j' Standard team, in order to explain sintassi (grammatically) the programming languages. L' ; ALGOL was used vastement in Europe, and during many years it is to be remained the language, in which the procedures of the computer were published. Many important languages, which Pascal and l' Ada (both of them, which were gradually described), are the relative descendants.


 L' lisp (list elaboration), approximately 1960 are by John McCarthy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH) developed, and on the ricorsive mathematical theory of the functions were based (in, which function in relatively its definition appears). Lispprogramm a function, rather as, applied to the data, is by being a sequence of the prozesswütigen points as in the FORTRAN and nell' ; ALGOL. Lisp it uses itself a very simple quotation, in which functioning and their operandi to parenthesizedliste are given. For example (+ (* b at c)) it corresponds + b*c. Even if this seems scomodo, the quotation works well for the computers. Lisp in addition he uses himself the structure of the list, in order to represent the data, and, because the programs and the data use themselves the same structure, it is for qu' simply; lispprogramm operates on other programs than data.

 Lisp it the s' in a common language for artificial intelligence (at I) qu' one converts; he programs partially because of the confluence of the work of and lisp on WITH and to partially, because programs of at one able „dell' ; „teaches could in lisp as dimodificazioneprogramme be written. Lisp it the s' with the numerous dialetti one develops, which pattern and the common lisp.


The programming language summer Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan at l', developed by C.A. in the year 1972; AT& ; T body for the operational systems of the programming of the computer. The relative capacity to structure the data and the programs by the composition from smaller units to is comparably with this dell' ; ALGOL. The USA a quotation presses and supplies with to the Kapazitätsprogrammatore to function with the addresses of the data as with its values in such a way. This address is important in programming of systems and of parts of C with assembler language the d' makes; all d' to use characteristics; a computer' ; internal architecture S. remains C with the relative descendant C++ one of in accordance with-lonelier languages.


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